Freedom Fellowship


“I personally know many people involved in this organization and support the ministry with both prayer and finances.  People’s lives are being changed through this caring group that is demonstrating God’s love.”
– Pastor Dary Northrop, Timberline Church, Fort Collins, CO

“Freedom Fellowship volunteers have ministered to hundres of inmates and have successfully given many of them the hope of returning to society as law abiding citizens.”
– Stuart VanMeveren, Former District Attorney

“Freedom Fellowship has provided a valuable resource to many of my clients who have been integrating into society.”
– Kathryn Hay, Deputy Public Defender

“I almost committed suicide, but because Freedom Fellowship was there for me, I now have a future and a great relationship with the Lord.”
– Ex-inmate, Administrative Coordinator for a Christian School

“I had no family or friends here in Colorado.  Freedom Fellowship quickly became my family and friends.”
– Ex-inmate